Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto Tour

When we visited Grotto last year, it was a busy day, there were lots of people around, we stayed by the hill side, watched others as they browse around.
That is the church, it looks like a castle and around are vendors selling assorted things like hats, balloons,bags etc..
 Besides the church, it is surrounded by vendors and located at the back is a big compound rendered for picnic and life size Station of the Cross
 Pictures of my family
 There was this old ruin
 Posing so seriously haha
 A lost kitty!!
 Me and Auntie played poses for the camera

It was a fun day, after this we went down by the picnic area to bond and eat together. 
Fact about the place, every 6:00 am the vendors outside of the church sells animals, ducks, dogs, cats etc, with assorted breeds on a very very cheap price!

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