This little cute cuddly baby, I have introduced to you last year is my one and only Susci.
Here is her first introduction here in my blog:

How to make this cellphone case I uploaded at Pinterest:

 Brief History about Susci is that I found her in a storage area where she was left alone collecting dust, she was almost about to be thrown away, but when I saw her I knew her beauty is irresistible. Back then, No one can recognize her, she was almost destroyed, her insides are protruding and she was pitch black.


Firstly, I had to repair her damages, she actually have a lot of stitches, when I stitched her up, it didn’t  look good on her, I thought of ways wherein I can hide that but didn’t work. One time, I was staring at my phone and I began to get an idea that it will be great if she’ll travel with me all the time, I measured her body to my cellphone and surprised that it fits her well. I had to dissect her ~ sorry for the term and combination of sewing and measuring and dissecting. Then tada~ she is now a piece of art! A real teddy bear cellphone Case!

 I took her home immediately and took care of her.  When I thought of a name for her, I am reminded of the times how I began to resuscitate her, from almost dump to a work of art, thus I named her from the word RESUSCITATE ----SUSCI.


She was just too cute and whenever I answer a phone call, it looked like I am only holding out a teddy bear near my face and being sweet~.



 Sometimes, I do have some problems carrying her on my bag, she might be cute, but she does take space! But seriously when I put her in my bag and she pops out,she still looks like a cute accessory. Often I am concerned when she attracts too much attention and might also attract robbers or holdapers, but whenever I hold her and walk around carrying her, people believes that it’s actually a small teddy bear, as long as I don’t take it out and use the cellphone.


When I carry her, people think it's only a teddy bear and does not think there's a cellphone in it.
She’s been with me even at the darkest and scariest places here in the Philippines, often showing her around and I guess her cuteness protects my cellphone. I’m not counting on for someone to take her; of course I have to be careful and not to let my guard down. I guess we can say because of her cuteness, it becomes the factor where she protected my precious gadget.


Who reminds you of what I'm holding?


You wanna get cut bitch? ~ line from house bunny

"Don't worry, I'll write another blog again"
So, see you again for another great blogging update, Join my site for more of this updates and
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