To many people he is called Daddy, almost everyone calls him that, not only because he is the father to his 3 children, Kuya Tawey, Ate Ianne and Kuya Robin, but was also considered as a father to all. I call him Daddy too, although, I was raised without the presence of a father, he was the one I looked up as my father, besides his father- Tatay Jose. 

Picture dated back highschool 2006 @ Chinese Restaurant
 For me, he was more than any Dad out there, He was not only my father, but my bestfriend, teacher, adviser, protector and defendor. He is the person that shows me what a real father is like, he showed me that even though caring and protecting are qualities of a father but also a supportive and has the greatest faith on her daughter, because of that I was able to do many unbelievable things, including solving algebra, and believe it or not, I gained highest scores at Math back in college.
Picture dated back highschool 2006 @ Chinese Restaurant
  At times when I get very confused and I do not know what to do, he would always be there, never failing to get me back on track after conversation with him. He may not know it, but I always feel safe whenever I am with him, he always makes me feel secure from any harm that might happen.
Picture dated back highschool 2007 @ Baguio Municipal

When I was young, I always think that he’s on any airplane that passed by the clouds, calling him “daddy, daddy!” and wishing him the best with his journey, now I give you my best travel wish dad,  cause I know it’ll be a very long ride up there in heaven, “Daddy, Daddy! Have a safe trip, remember I love you a lot and have a wonderful vacation up there with the almighty”

-Renato Salonga
Date of Death: Friday, 11 April 2014
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