I have another Assignment and I had the idea to cosplay Fox from Crossfire Game which I then saw in front of an Internet Cafe near our home.
I immediately saw her and wanted to know who she was and her partner is, so, when I searched the Net I instantly fell in love to both the characters and watched a lot of their video game, which is a very cool character of this game.

Here in the Philippines besides the Famous DOTA game, CrossFire,a first-person shooter game, published by Gameclub, is also one of the most played game.

When it comes to action I love genres of Military themes. I recently saw a competition about Cosplaying any Military game, I really wished that I was free at that time to cosplay this. But oh, Here they are. 

The Crossfire Characters


which stands for 

Frontial Operation X

crossfire cosplay
crossfire cosplay


I hope you liked it and you can ask me anything  including the Photo composition, just comment down below and don't forget to Google Plus G +1

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