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A gift from my meaw yesterday got me very curious of this Vintage Mirror. It had a history in being part of beauty since 1931. It was in a good working condition and everything worked perfectly.
He said that this suit me for my travel needs, especially for my cosplay events. I had a lot of trouble finding the right light setting for my makeup, and ends up correcting the shades along the way, it was frustrating. I tried it out today and was very happy.

It has 2 adjustable fold out, side mirrors, and a large center mirror. The center mirror  rotates for magnification. The fluorescent light bulbs are replaceable.

 It has 4 settings for Day, Office, Evening, and Home plus ON and OFF button.

Clairol is a  personal-care-product division of Procter & Gamble begun in 1931 by Americans Lawrence and Joan Gelb after discovering hair-coloring preparations while traveling in France.

Im wearing my Kurapika shirt from highschool. I had Miaka too but I think it was lost T_T. This was a personalized airbrush shirt from SM North Edsa

Now I'll be able to have my vanity with me in my events and be able to test out the light settings for my makeup shades. I am soo delighted!

Here's a video link of a person that had the same mirror as mine watch as it changes the colors:

The right light setting and proper mirror is an essential tool for a cosplayer or anyone that will be photographed.

It is similar to a Medical doctor profession. A car is a necessity not a want. Doctors would need a car in order to assist them in getting to the hospital faster.

I am looking forward to what kind of beauty she produces :) I still love to name her Clairol, beautiful name :)
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