Saturday, September 20, 2014

LUPIN III: Video inspiration cosplay (Fujiko)

I was inspired by Lupin music videos:

 These are the shots of my Lupin III inspired cosplay by Fujiko.

Find the mystery LUPIN.
I placed a mysterious LUPIN here.... anybody see it, go LIKE :)
The sky and the background had the perfect light setting so we rushed in to shoot, the earlier skies were much dramatic it started to fade by the time we shot it.

Later on, it gets darker.

One of my most favorite shots. We were flooded and this was the aftermath, the color of the place looked vibrant because of that I didnt use filters just placed the logo and signature to really get the light setting on that time.
The weather is really cold out here I could definitely feel christmas.
Shot just yesterday September 19.

Speaking of which, have you watched the Lupin 3rd Movie? Like to Comment
Found the mystery LUPIN?

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