Upon hearing of the girls in town cheering for an awaited event written on the wall, she couldn't help but sighed, she knew she never had a chance to join the ball.

She passed by every girls in town, trying out new dresses that they bought, excited and giggly. 

When she went home,she was greeted by her family with gifts, it was her birthday.

She opened them and she was teary eyed when saw this:

This lolli dainty stockings is from her sister Ianne.

These brushes given to her by the most loving couple her brother Tawey and sister Olive, how she wishes she could go to the overseas and give them my hugs and kisses because they deserve it.

Her Sweet brother Robin and Mama gave her a piece to show the girl, fairest of them all. Incredibly unique piece coming all the way from dumaguete, an amber mirror.

She is more than thankful and felt very blessed, these things can help her to dress up for the ball.

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