All has been quiet lately. My Social Media's , my blogs, except for the Cosplay Costume of the Year Best Female invitations. Everyone's been wondering what I'm up to or what I've been doing, even for my hackers that monitor my PC 24/7. I have been out in the outside world, and sad to say I've been told to stop my dreams everyday. "Stop your cosplaying!" anonymous exclaimed. I am neither related to this person or have I seen her/him my whole life but when this was said or done thru actions. I kept holding on every single day. I never wanted to rant any hatred to internet no matter what because I have been blessed, blessed enough to reach my dreams, that even wearing a single costume was more than I ever imagined in my whole life. 

Many People have praised me for the young physique I have. It's like I stopped time, but actually I have so much I sacrificed that I assume as God's gift to me, he blessed me with this youth. My Fans, the people who are striving to reach their dreams became my fuel in this everyday turmoil, it is not only one person that stood up to tell me this but the sad truth almost everybody I came across that same road. 

One does not understand the value of dreams. In fact if Maslow's hierarchy of needs is revised I would put Dreams on the base or second as one of the top priorities. 

A person will be able to understand the value of dreams when he / she is usually faced with a life and death situation or at the end of his/her life. Dreams are so hard to attain, a person can go broke or lose everything and because of it, people would only succumb to job or everyday living just to sustain the essential needs, which of course gives comfort and satisfaction - temporarily.

But what is the essence of life, really?
 Is it to work everyday to sustain for your needs and family and become a robot for a company? I apologize for the sudden use of words but this what I saw in the outside world, not only this week but ever since I was young, gone were the days that dreamers roam this world. Somebody shared an opinion as to why some of the BACK TO THE FUTURE inventions and expectations were not met. It's because people STOPPED DREAMING. THEY STOPPED BELIEVING. It is through dreamers why advancement is seen. It is they that move the world. 

I still have a lot hope . I can see that even though some people try to stop dreamers,but the dreamers will always find their way, that's why many inventions are now felt and seen from across the globe.

So my message to all the dreamers, to you:

I know it's tough, but don't give up! Many like you are out there fighting too. God's given us this Life so we can reach for this and what else are we gonna do? FIGHT FOR IT. REACH YOUR DREAMS. NEVER GIVE UP. if you are tired, rest for a while but never give up.

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