My Birthday last September 2016 wasn't actually celebrated on the actual date. We were all busy the entire week and I had decided it would be better if we won't be pushing for the celebration, instead I move it later date when I’m off work and the family is not busy too, that way we can all feel and enjoy the moment. The day before the celebration Mom had encountered a Python at the back of our fridge. Upon captive, mom got almost bit, gladly meaw was able to grab the snakes head and stopped its attack. We placed the snake to a temporary cage tupperware while we surrender this to wildlife center. A month ago, our neighbors had warned us of a thigh size snake which headed in our house at the time of flood. It might be this one but we're all unsure if this is the right one since our home is infiltrated with snakes all around, they are not our pets, they are wild and breed almost anywhere since most of our land are uninhabited and untouched. We fed the captive snake with white Mice days after the captive and it has hibernated.

 MY Special DAY

  I am touched when my highschool bestfriend had messaged and greeted me, oh how much I miss our bond, we are miles apart but because of Social Medias we were able to stay in touch each moment. I am very grateful to my relatives who had extended their Happy Birthdays on my special day. Although I was only able to see their messages on my breaks and intervals where I wake from sleep, I am truly blessed that so many have remembered.

At work I was blessed by great praises from superiors although they are not aware of my special day, which I cant disclose due to reasons. I had a great fun productive week at work, full of achievements and a blessing to others Mom's secretary, Ms. Loida was the first one to ever give me a physical gift and I am truly touched and grateful, arigatou~ Ms. Loida. The gift is perfect! I was actually looking for a cute pouch to hold my necessities when I go for short trips near home and this is outright perfect, ms Loida really knows every persons heart desire and needs!

A week after that I received gift from our relatives with a sturdy box for keepsakes so convenient, Thank you to mama~ Lately I've been receiving great news from my work to business and family which are what I consider the greatest gifts from God.

I am also protected by my loved ones which are wonderful, my friends are always there whenever I feel lonely and defended me in times that I couldn’t, there is nothing more than I can ask for.

At work I was one of the two who passed their performance requirements and had good standing with attendance. We are currently planning in expanding our Airbnb business and we now can collaborate with Condo owners to extend our five star services as well. This is truly fulfilling. Although I may not be active in Cosplay lately, it doesn’t mean that I've already given up, I'm still only in my probational period at work though so I am focusing on my adjustment but once I settle down, I'm planning to resume in cosplay as usual.

 Lately I was planning to join in at Cosplay Mania but when I filled the leave I was not allowed to, there were plans to cosplay with Steven but when this happened I immediately notified him. It was tremendous feeling when I first had my Salary buy food for my entire family and secure them of whole months supply, everybody has their own department of share I had volunteered to be in the food department. From my first few months I wasn’t sure of what to buy, so I bought some meat and pork, but I noticed that meals must be balanced so I had to plan out a good grocery plan consisted of nutritious foods in variety, little by little I noticed changes to my familys performance, they are more alert and active when I applied the meal plan. Sickness comes to the family often and most of the time due to weather changes and digestion problems, so I had to study and refresh on my medical courses and apply that first to their nutritional intake then coupled with natural herbal medicines. Believe me there were huge differences not only in finances but also in my family's body immune system. At first, we subscribed to otc's l, everything was expensive and most of the time has its after effects, but when I had tried herbal means not only was it able to prevent the disease it has boost their immune too, of course everything is studied, as we are all in the medical field, I had approval from a Doctor, EMT and Nurse and herbologist.

Job has been very sweet to me. I have been titled to be 1st in performance, attendance and  in the whole team, to reward my self for that I bought a really cute notebook at Japan Home although I'm still unsure what to right on it, two of the most delicious aroma perfume, the apple scented which is best to relax a person during stress and another sweet smell for occasions that I wanted to smell nice.

A week after my Birthday we had a small dress up photoshopping competition and I was the one assigned in for the Photoshop. Our Team Leader's concept is Mugshot since the theme is Wild Wild West, it was super fun and exciting to dress up once more.


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