One of my dreams is to travel internationally. My bucket list includes visiting the romantic City of Paris and I am delighted to be able to share with you the places that I plan to visit. 

A creative artist needs an inspiration. Inspiration is everything in creation, it is the invisible force or a fuel in order for an artist to create unimaginable unique art.

Paris is one of the dreamy cities where all the creativity had poured out from each artist and brought them to life.

Every inch of the city is a masterpiece and no doubt it is on my list, even their official language has art!

Nowadays, the Greatest Investment is Experience and what better way to do that is to enjoy visiting the places that would get me to enjoy and at the same time boost up all my creativity.

My master plan when visiting Paris would definitely start after the arrival at the airport.

TAXI (whistles) !!!

Whistle no more as this time my plan includes a hassle free transportation after my flight. To complete my dream I will definitely hire a Luxurious Taxi Service and to make it happen what I will do is to:

Start with I bookmarked and written on my priority list or planner, a Trusted Taxi Service or Shuttle Service. They will ensure you that you get to your destination safe and sound plus in style!

I don't have a father with an image of  Liam Neelson to rescue me from kidnapping, it is better to be sure rather than to risk my life and not be prepared once you have landed on your trip to Paris.

They can get you a low-cost booking Taxi and Shuttle services with T2 Traslados or also called T2 Transfers from the airport to any destination on their database.


T2 Traslados is the leading provider of Taxis & Shuttle Services offering Taxi Services, Shuttles, & Shuttles to and from Paris Airports. 

They can provide private transfers for any number of passengers, and the child seats have no additional cost. They can accept payment online for hassle free booking. They accept Euros, British Pounds, and American Dollars. You can also pay the driver by cash when you arrive at the destination. No cancellation fees. 

They offer vehicles of luxury brands but is guaranteed to keep you safe all throughout your trip.  So even if when you are traveling alone, you can have a peace of mind.

Their website has a booking feature where you'll input your data needed to calculate pricing. Oh and bear in mind that the website is also in Spanish, you can translate it in English thru Chrome.

The driver will wait for the passenger with a sign showing the client's name. The driver can understand and speak English, Spanish and French. The Customer Service is open 24/7. 

Sweet, isn't it?

Now to book their website, go their web page: T2 Traslados and translate the website to English for easier reading.

Then translate their page thru Chrome

To get started, go to Step 1 and pick the reason for the booking. The options are Arrival, Departure and  Check in and out

Arrival - Choose this if you have just arrived at the airport and need their service for booking
Departure - Choose option if you are heading to the airport.
Check in and out - Choose option if you are heading to any other destination except for departure but will be needing to go back to your hotel later on.

Step 2:

Pick up location

Now choose an airport that you'll be coming from by hover and click on the drop down options.

Destination place

On this drop down, Choose the place you are heading to after Arrival in your flight.

Step 3
Passenger Count

Choose the number of Adults or child that for the number of passengers that will board.

Then analyze all the data and click the Calculate Price to proceed to the next page.

The next Page contains all the details for your Personal Information
Fill in the necessary form. All information is protected by the company and remains confidential.

So you can see here I had to input for example two adults and my pick up location and destination data has also been filled out, if you have changed your mind, you can always edit data by clicking the pen logo at each data.

As you can observe the website was able to calculate the data for my Taxi expense which is going to be 55 euros.

Once all the data has been filled up, proceed to the next step by clicking the button.


My Data is updated at the left corner and One last Step would be to input the Arrival Details

Arrival date - The date that you will land to the airport.
Arrival from -  The specific place that you'll come from
Check in - Input the Time you will arrive
Pick up at - Enter the airport the driver will meet with you
Leave - Input the destination
Comments - Special comments such as contact before arriving or any other notes that you'd want to tell the driver.

This is the last step of the booking,

Kindly double check all the details are correct and click the Next Step button once done.


So this indicates that the booking has been made successfully, as you can see here, I booked at night but since there is a time difference an additional 10 euros is charged.

Right after the notification, an email was sent and I have immediately received my reservation details.

The ticket contains all the important information including your RESERVATION NUMBER. You will need to reply to the email to confirm this reservation are correct.

When I had an issue with the reservation, I filled up the reservation form and after 10 Minutes I immediately got a reply, that's how responsive they are 24/7!

Now that all is been set I shall be riding a Luxurious Volkswagen Caravelle or Touareg to my Hotel.

On my First day, I might be Jet lagged after a long haul flight, I'm glad that Unilab has United Home Dizitab (Meclizine HCL), the perfect relief from dizziness or motion sickness. Digitab is only P9.50 per piece.
United Home has a line of health and wellness for your travel needs for that memorable and enjoyable trip, we should be healthy and worry free from sickness. United Home is your travel partner for your health and wellness needs!

No matter what time I arrive at my Hotel Room, I'm pretty sure I would be famished. This would be the best time to try out Macaroon, Croissants & Pastries!

but as you all know I do have my Hyperacidity after a meal, then the best medicine to take as per doctors recommended would be Supracid (Sodium Bicarbonate), Supracid is only P0.75 per piece.

Cheese tasting is part of food tour that I'm planning to do on my first day!

I have to be prepared for the worst, my stomach might get upset, if worse comes to worse, I should have a medicine prepared for diarrhea, United Home Loperamide (Lormide) for only PHP 8.00 per piece, is a must to have in my medicine pack.

On my second day, I'm planning to visit would be
The Famous Eiffel Tower 

Taking pictures and finding the most romantic spot would be my best things to do for this day.
It would be wonderful to visit some of the streets surrounding the Eiffel, grab some morning breakfast and go sight seeing.

I would definitely be trying out a different tour, riding a royal horse and carriage in Paris seemed the best experience if I am tired of walking around.

I found a perfect booking for the Ride.

At Night, Paris comes alive and I think it would definitely be great to Cruise at Seine River.
At 85 euros I could get an intimate dinner by the window while cruising and book with no hassle!

Then After the Romantic dinner, I shall then go back to the Hotel to be prepared for tomorrow's new itinerary!

While Yesterdays was all about Romance today would be getting back with my childhood dreams.
I booked in T2 Traslados for my transfers ride to DISNEYLAND and vice versa!

Yes, we're going to Disneyland!

I would have my whole day at Disney as I know that a whole day's not even enough to enjoy the fun and excitement at rides and sightseeing places here.

After a long tiring day at Disneyland, I would be having dinner at my hotel for a change and to review all the pictures that I've taken so far.

At night, I have to make sure that I get immunity boosted up at night, Doctors recommend United Home Ceetab (Ascorbic Acid), only for P1.75 per piece for tomorrow's big day!

On to my Next day in Paris, I am planning to visit the famous Cathedrale Notre- Dam de Paris

For this type of transportation, you can book T2 Traslados using the Check In and Out, then choose the destination to Other places, type Notre Dam Paris, you'll see Cathedrale Notre Dam de Paris in the suggestions and choose the location.

At night it would be great to ride in the Grande Roue and visit Place de la Concorde!
At night, The Ferris wheel looked astonishingly romantic and Grande perfect scene to steal a kiss from your loved one.
On my last day in Paris, would be my Souvenir day

These cute miniature Eiffel Towers are quite cute and a good souvenir to remember.

Now to make sure that my way back to the airport is hassle free and in style.
Book T2 Traslados with departure for Step 1 and place the pickup and destination.

It's 55 euros as calculated.

I would imagine myself becoming emotional as I leave Paris, but hey I could go back again and maybe visit even more places that I haven't been to, right?

What can you say about this little traveling in style to Paris dream? 
Do you have any other places you can suggest that I should go to?
If you do, write in the comments section.

Dreams like mine are not impossible to attain, as long as you don't stop believing and take action to pursue it. 
Live life the way you want it to be.
Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.

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