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I have to be honest with you, I am not a Castlevania fan. When Castlevania was released, I was engrossed in Mario Bros and Duck Hunt games, it was only recently that Castlevania had taken my attention.

Castlevania started out as a game, nowadays, they have produced a movie series about Count Vlad Dracula Tepes and as we all know Dracula is a vampire. Dracula from Castlevania is no difference with the usual Dracula that we often see in movies, he drinks blood and carries immense power. He is considered "The Prince of Darkness and Lord of Shadows" from the title itself he is considered as an ultimate Lord of all Vampires.

The movie started out a scene from Wallace, 1455, the film is animated. A blonde woman had set out to a castle carrying a dagger. She had introduced herself as Lisa wanting to become a doctor and looking for knowledge from Count Dracula. Dracula had introduced himself and asked for what Lisa has to offer. Lisa, in return, had offered to teach Dracula manners. Dracula took an interest in Lisa's determination and suggestion to travel around the world.

The story progresses that Count Dracula and Lisa had lived together inside the castle. When Lisa went back to her hometown to help sick people, her success from her acquired knowledge about medical science and her interventions were proven effective. Catholic Church became wary of Lisa's development, thinking that this might be a threat to the beliefs of the people to the Church. They had Lisa accused as a witch and burned at Stake.

When Dracula found out what happened to Lisa, he was devastated and gave the townspeople a year to make amends.

and the story goes on...

The townspeople failed to make amends and Dracula had released an army of demons...

Why, oh Why?

The series started as a sweet encounter to a bitter ending of Lisa from the hands of the Catholic Church. I can't help to think why she was not saved, knowing that Dracula carries immense power to stop the Catholic Church from killing Lisa.

That's where I got hooked up with the story...

A typical human attitude at that time, the people had looked for a way to eliminate Dracula by summoning a blood line of Belmont. Belmont's had a reputation of killing Dracula every 100 years, dedicating themselves to killing him each time he arises from his resurrection, but to their demise a young Belmont had presented himself only to their disappointment,  Belmont had an image of a drunkard to townspeople and tried to challenge him during one of his visit to a nearby inn.

A Simple sorry is all it takes...

Dracula only had one request to the townspeople that they make amends with him by presenting the person who was responsible for killing Lisa, it sounds easy but during that era, it is evident that the Church holds the highest status in a country equal to that of the King. People did not have the power nor knowledge for justice during those times, it is understandable that they may failed to present the person responsible for the killing.

It is a tradition to send out Belmont's blood line to do the killing, but seriously? Why do they let the Belmont's go by themselves? By how people spoke towards Belmont's they sound all high and mighty but they ran like rats when they face with a strong opponent. A mere encouragement would have done but mockery made my blood boil and felt hatred with humans too.

Review to be continued on next blog post...

What do you think about the first series? Do you agree with me?

Answer in the comments section.
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