Have you ever spent your time on the phone trying out to access your account, but you're still unable to pass through their authentication process? It's literally frustrating, right?

Today I am going to give a few tips for you to prevent that scenario from happening or if it did happen, I'll also jot some tips to help you reset your password or help you recover your authentication details.

Uverse account Authentication


    So jot it down or get a password app to protect your information, the digits that ATT operators always ask to gain access is the key to every information on your account.

Tip: Register digit pins that are easy for you to remember, the generation of this pin is often asked when you subscribe to a new service.

    Once you forget the pin, ask for another option or the operator might ask for more authentication questions.

2. Security Question is your second life line.

  When you don't remember your passcode or pin, operators would often ask a question. Be careful on providing the answer as the system might block the number of retries.

Tip: During Security Question generation, the operator might provide some default security question on the system then you will provide the answer, but some can actually personalize the questions, for example, ask your operator to input question of your mother's maiden name then provide the answer.

In some authentication, they may also require for you to ask for your SSN, which often asked by Telcos or Mobility accounts

3. Let them call the Number on File

The last lifeline, once you fail to provide the password or the answer to security question, operators would ask to place you on hold in order to call a number on file as the last step of authentication.

Tip: Let the operator call the number and do not expect them to provide the information since all information on the file are considered confidential until authenticated.

If you have call waiting, tell the operator. Expect an incoming call once the first line is placed on hold, if they get you on the line, the account is fully authenticated, Yey!

If not, the operator will tell you to

Go to an ATT Store near you, provide your ID and reset your password and other Authentication details.

Do not get upset if you'll be needing to go to an ATT store to reset your authentication details, ATT will protect your information the best way that they can and this is how they do it.

Tip: If you actually do not remember any authentication details that you provided when you created the account, it's best to head on to an ATT store and reset the information immediately.

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