Today I will introduce to you a special gadget that we tested to undergo extreme situations in order to give you a very important information which might help you, especially in emergency cases.

This is not an advertisement, I bought this phone because I am always on the search for rare gadgets.

So without further ado let me introduce to you a phone last released in the year 2015 that caught my attention, Firefly Mobile E-100 Max!

E-100 Max is a rugged basic phone that you'll need even in emergencies and toughest situations.

The price is P899 with a 1-year warranty and has the battery life of  5500 Mah, tried and tested to last without charging for a month. At first, I had doubts if I should take the unit, but Firefly Mobile always had a good record to me when I bought a new phone from them a year ago, right there I inquired of the specifications:

5500mah Power Bank
Dual Sim
Tough Phone
Fog Light Torch Camera
2 MP Camera
Mini USB plug
FM Radio

We did a test in order to find out if this phone is worthy of being called a tough phone.

1. Water Test ( 1 foot deep)
   A dipper was used about 1 foot deep and we soaked the phone for a minute or two, phone is working.
2. Shock Test (5 Feet Height)
   Dropping the Phone from 5 feet High, no internal system damage, few scratches.

3. Torch Test (lasts a week turned on)
  We turned on the Flashlight for 168 hours continuous without using other applications.

4. 1 Month Battery Life test Abuse Test
  No charging for 30 days with continuous use of messaging ( 2 hours), phone(2 Hours), music via headphone (4 hours played) each day. 1 hour speaker maximum volume, battery level was left 5% after 30 days

5. Speaker Test - Continuously playing song lasts for 2 days in full volume battery was left 20% after 2 days maximum volume.

In contrast to My Phone SOS Phone, this phone has an advantage with its powerful battery life which can assure you will serve you for a month without charging. Imagine the perfect companion that can give you peace of mind that communications intact on the time of great need.

Tough Phone's weight is fair compared to My Phone SOS Phone.
Fist Grip size is good especially for call.
Firefly mobile tough phone disaster


Warranty Card gives the unit with 12 months parts & labor. 6 Months on accessories. Warranty coverage is limited to parts & labor of manufacturer's defects only. No warranty requests will be honored for normal wear and tear, damage due to misuse, alteration to the product, water exposure, signs of obvious abuse and or negligence. Warranty is void if an item is tampered with or opened. An original copy of your invoice must be presented at the time of warranty claim.

Special message to Firefly, please create more units of E-100 Max and make upgrade on the Torch on your next models!
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