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    When rainy season started this July, the changes in weather had made an impact on one's health. One part of the body which is often neglected is our scalp.

  We may have different views, but upon my experience, a proven technique to achieve Ultimate hair with the capability to regenerate even with exposure to harsh chemicals or heat is full attention and care to the scalp.

    Hair strands once tremendously damaged may not be able to be recovered easily even with the application of keratin treatment, the treatment may be able to make the hair look healthy on the outside but not on the inside.

   The body is capable of repairing or self-heal from damages and one best way to help the body in doing so is to consume healthy foods to aid in the process. Eat foods high in fiber, protein, examples are fish and meat, protein will help in the build up repair and you'll have healthy, beautiful hair in no time.
trixia salonga, yourbestpicks, hair, beauty, selfie

    I use my real hair for my cosplays, blogging or modeling and the treatments and harsh chemicals I place in my hair are countless, but most people have complimented on how I even get thick and bouncy hair.

  Thinning of hair is a challenge to most people and that moment happened to me in the past, it took me a while to formulate the best remedy but it was definitely worth the wait.

    My last visit to the salon, my hair was given the title of "Virgin Hair", even though we had disclosed about the treatments that we had through for the past years, upon their further inspection, they still called it "Virgin Hair". I chuckled while telling them the history of how harsh my hair was treated before and even they were shocked.

     P.S. The Salon I went to have professionals that are able to check the hair's healthy state, for real.
trixia salonga, yourbestpicks, hair, beauty, selfie

   Dandruff was present during my first month after the treatment and it came to the point that the flakes were starting to get embarrassing. Imagine that I was actually being photographed and speaking to VIPs on my blogging interviews and the flakes were all over the place.

 Dandruff due to the dry scalp is expected, the worse part is only the appearance of the flakes but the feeling of irresistible itchiness. People notice a lot when I scratch my head a lot and can give them a wrong impression.

   The cold weather affected my scalp resulting it to become drier and admittedly lost a big blogging opportunity only because of this problem.
trixia salonga, yourbestpicks, hair, beauty, selfie

   The last time another cold weather came, I was prepared. I researched and talked to professionals on how to solve the dry scalp issue especially what product what I am going to be used for shampoo.

   The best thing about this is I found an article on a website about the top 10 shampoos to fix your dry scalp issue, where you can find all the information of what shampoo to use, guaranteed budget friendly.'

   You will be able to see an in depth comparisons of the shampoo brands with sizes, what its good for, the active ingredients and to make it easier, links to buy it on Amazon.

   A thorough description of each product, tips, options, verdicts, pros, and cons are provided as well. The website is updated for the year 2017.

   Just remember to check the best shampoo for you, test it out if you have any allergies to the product by applying a small amount on your skin and wait for 5 mins. If any itching or irritation occurs, do not continue the usage.

   The main important part is whenever my hair is subjected to any harsh treatment, I would let my hair take a "rest". I would only apply shampoo and NEVER COMBED my hair when damp.

  Yup, that's true, I don't comb it when damp. I go to work or take a walk outside wearing the "wet look" signature and some gave me a laugh but it didn't matter to me because there would be no way, I will add more damage on my hair thru wrong combing or be using the hair dryer.

  I don't want you to experience the same scenario, one option that I do whenever I cannot do the air dry + wet look is to schedule my bath earlier than expected before heading to any important event or occasion.

  Continous practices of above suggestions and people could not believe how strong and healthy my hair became after a month. On my first week, I got rid of dandruff and third week, hair is bouncy again, then the fourth week it was stronger than ever and less hair fall.

   The results and the duration might vary in people depending on how committed they are and what products they use on their scalp, but I'm always open to how these suggestions turned out for you?

    If you may have experienced dry scalp or dandruff and tried out the above methods, you can comment below and ask me. Let's talk about how we can get you the real doll healthy hair. Oh and don't forget to subscribe or click G+ for news and updates on my next blogging post.

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