I was surprised. Really, I am. I never really expected anything for my birthday. The truth is, I never even planned anything, to begin with, but to my shock, I did not expect this to happen.

It has been a week after my birthday and as usual, I got very busy with not planning, but I was focused on cosplay and business vice versa. I was so busy that I could not even upload my after videos and pictures on the day of the event, but would never miss the chance to at least document it before my birth month ends.

I wrote a blog of the things that I wanted for my birthday. Although the list is not fulfilled, my surprise to what I received that day. I was able to celebrate my birthday at night because I was asleep during the day, yes, I sleep at different time zone.

I was awakened of a special delivery and found out some neighbors are curious why I received it and who sent it.

I received a bouquet of red roses and Ferrero Rocher chocolates are included. It was so heavy I could not carry it, I thought it was from my boyfriend, unfortunately, he said it did not come from him.

So who sent it?

When I checked the card, it indicated from #airbnblove Lori and friends.

I was left speechless. I never would have thought Airbnb would do this. I was stunned and could my excitement could not be held, I immediately had to document this special day.

Some people who saw me commented that I get younger despite my age. It's like I have some kind of youthful serum which makes me younger every year. I'm chuckled and thankful for the compliments I received.

Mom came in later on and she gave me a set of gifts coming from relatives.


As I mentioned, I have not planned even the meals that I will serve for my birthday, but I'm grateful to my bf, he had cooked for me different flavors of chicken and had bought cake and barbeque, which made me extremely happy.

The messages of greetings on my birthday were overflowing with love, i got teary eyed.

It took a while before I was able to get asleep because I am too delighted to receive bountiful blessings.

Thank you, God, mom, meaw, mama and family, #airbnblove and especially those who had greeted on my facebook, friends who remembered. Thank you!

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