Meeting with the bosses for the whole day in different places is a big challenge for looking fresh, beautiful, professional yet comfortable enough to even walk a mile or so. What more is that you're going to have to look flawless in cameras whether it'd be on videos or pictures, the worst part of the challenge? Minimalism on both makeup and fashion everything has to look casual yet professional for meeting with VIP's.

I haven't even mentioned that you're going to walk outdoors with the threat of rain or extreme heat. Last week was definitely more than a marathon, I meet up with most VIPs but I had the challenge of being comfortable because most of the meeting would require me to walk building per building in Makati. I almost died yet I am thankful that I am comfortable in my one piece denim dress gifted by mom.

I had to pair with a peach pleated shorts I own years back from my vanilla lace series. It definitely looks casual yet shows off my greatest asset - legs.

A little height on the heels made a difference to make it look more elegant while walking. At times where it gets down on serious business I would cheat a little on my usual Usagi height, because my poise becomes better. I don't know why but I tend to be less sloucher when in heels, much like a proud peacock.

Although have a trusty flats for at the end of the day nothing beats a comfortable flats while on transit to a long journey at EDSA.
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