This day is special because it marks my 1 month at Tamago live app. When I was given my room number, it disheartened me deeply because the room number felt difficult to remember, but right then ideas came soon after and 176 8105 Geek Radio was born (read as one seventysix eigthy one ow five).

Our purpose was clear. Just by the title of the radio, we wanted to air most of our never-ending anime, games, cover soundtracks, cartoons, movies and TV shows favorite hobbies. I wanted to play games and at the same time get groove on with Music, Beat Hazard was a gift from the creator thanks to the continued development of Cold Beam Games. I played requests of your choice and we danced through the beat.

Soon after, I added in other games I wanted to play for so long. Thus, games such as League of Legends, Yandere Simulator and other PSP games brought light and excitement to every push of a button. Your continued support and teachings helped me progressed level by level.

176 8105 Geek Radio had stand through hurricanes and earth shattering quakes you can never imagine. We had all sorts of issues everyday and there was never at least one day that we did not troubleshoot or prepared the whole day for the 2 hour program.

What you didn't know behind the scenes was a test of how determined I am to keep the airing on. The very first time I showed up, I was physically challenged already, my fever would not go down and it was due to worsened colds from rains and lack of sleep. You will hear my voice muffled due to my sore throat, but endured everything I can because there's no turning back. Mind you, I am in cosplay every single day for that.

Each day I would search for requests and plan how I could get the program going. Although I already have stored countless anime songs on my computer, it still was not enough since not all are accepted by Beat Hazard, making it difficult for me to search for more each and everyday. I never thought planning and researching  for a two hour program takes the whole day everyday.

Internet was a definite challenge whenever its high traffic or fluctuations. I sometimes streamed without graphics and could only be heard by voice. Resetting stream did not do any solution either. So it literally became a radio since you could only hear my voice. Quite not the vision I longed for as a Visual Radio Program.

My eyes went round when I saw NBI observed for 10 minutes during my livestream and made me think if I'm doing something wrong. waaaah!

Sometimes, Philippine traffic could be the cause of broken dreams, not happened to me yet, but almost when I got caught in non-motionless traffic at C5. Thanks to efforts of MMDA and Gadget Addict, we were finally able to go home faster at EDSA, which you would not believe saved us, there was not time to change to my cosplay so it was the first time you saw me in my casual outfit.

(play these clips, they are short and cropped already)

And when you thought you've been through all the hurdles already.... LET THERE BE NO LIGHT.
The most difficult and challenging we have ever faced was complete total black out when there had been electrical issue due to the storms. We were blessed, 711 became our OFFICE! Thank you to the kind staff who let us mount the laptop, we thought its the end but then there was still LIGHT.

You all could not believe that I am streaming at 711 and I showed up before the show ended when I got the opportunity to get better reception. You'll never knew how disappointed the onlookers thought with our commotion of laptop setup and to stream just to play games and it is my first time to play with laptop on top of a trash bin. There was no vacant seats everywhere.

I apologize for the censor, I am haggard since I ran like a kangaroo just to get power.

and you've all supported and encouraged to keep the program on. Any of the gifts you sent brought tears of happiness once the show ended.

Lately, challenges level up whenever I make it though much like Bots in League adapting to a players level. Recently, life threatening road accidents and flooding at home definitely gave me a scare but did not stop me from streaming and now the most biggest challenge I am currently facing is Technical issue to the point that my main desktop renders useless.

Then again with all those challenges, I am also impressed that Geek Radio was able to make it with you guys and as I said "We'll always be here to stay". Not all challenges were said up there but there were even the smallest issues affect a lot yet it was able to stand.

With all the hardships, balance of nature gave me a chance to place the smile back on my face, when facing Death in Dantes Inferno or King Minos was finally killed, followed by success of Legendaries in League of Legends and successful surprise weekend cosplay program or Yandere Simulator Heroine wiped out the whole school and kidnapped Senpai. 


Smash with Kalista Bot


I have so much vision of Geek Radio, wanting so many things to share with all of you, hoping to have the success of the program till eternity. I finally found my home and heart I would want to stay even with my hairs go gray.  The success of the program will not be possible if not with your continued stay with me on the room and supports. I Thank you all for your continuous watching and generosity + support.

Who said streaming isn't dangerous? While on stream this 6/22/2018, a sudden loud explosion interrupted my stream and I was shocked yet continued the show as usual.

I am really happy Tamago recognized that this idea of a radio station was the original which was never thought of. It's all thanks to your support that we became the first :)

If you want to see my stream everyday, you may check me out at Tamago live app in Google play or IOS, type room 1768105 every 10:00 pm - 12:00 am Philippine Time, and if you're interested to support, you may give T-coins or gifts through the app, patreon name is trixiasalonga if you prefer.

Here is a link to view in web:

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