When the opportunity came by my fingertips, it gave me a heart attack. Literally, I do not mean to exaggerate but when Ms. Yume posted a once in a lifetime opp for cosplaying Sailormoon, I thought my heart beat stops. The best thing about it is that she was looking for Sailormoon cosplayers with the same height as the characters and I am thankful she did accept me.

Before the shoot, I had a gig of taking yoga classes and this was sponsored, I was definitely hesitant to try it because I am not at all flexible and being a couch potato for years weakened my state, yet, my sense of adventure always wins. I took a grueling weeks course in yoga and I had fevers and muscle pain before and the day of the shoot. I felt that some muscle even is torn and my thoughts of canceling the shoot are lingering but it is not happening on my watch.

Sailormoon's height of 4 feet and  11 inches is my exact stats. Moreover, my normal ectomorph body retained and been maintained for years have long been ready to put the lifelong dream to put her dress on. I was surprised to see that the Photoshoot was for a charity too which is perfect as it could help children, so we bought school materials and donated it to them.

I have arrived at 9:00 am in UST, too early for the 2 pm call time for the costume. I had attended on hosting early at 5:00 am and when we arrived at the school, there was a group to shoot earlier than us and they utilized the whole university for the shoot. We had a short time for the photo shoot, but I was glad that I finally got the chance to put on her sailor costume. It needs a few adjustments since I am really petite and some including the arm stockings and belly area were really loose, temporarily folded them while taking shots.

BTW, The hair accessory was forgotten.

My photographer, as usual, demanded the most exquisite poses that can tear my ligaments and muscles, I was even put on top of a high cemented barricade to capture a concept and I felt dizzy that I thought I was going to fall, but when he hasn't got the shot that he wanted he let me rest and continued on until I got the shot. I am not frightened of heights but the combination of hypoglycemia, gastritis,  muscle pain, migraine, and heat all combined fought against my motivation to continue.

That was not the end though. I was given instructions to pose her moon tiara action to the hyperextension of my arm wing and legs and pain is grueling from yoga to the exercises, I would understand if my face no longer looks beautiful since I am already at the pain.

 The photoshoot time was short and everyone felt that we lacked the time yet for me, this moment was well spent and productive, after all, I gave every effort I had and held on to my dreams despite my conditions. The best thing about this? I even had a streaming schedule at Tamago later but since everyone was warm and friendly, I never felt any pain at all.

I always remembered how Sailormoon endured all the hardships from the series and kept that as my main source of motivation because I know that my efforts can reach dreamers and inspire them from all over the world to continue with their passion.

I am no longer as strong as I used to be, but my dreams have always become the unlimited motivation/inspiration to everything I do, that is why like Sailormoon, I want to protect everyone's dreams, pure heart, and star seed.

It took me a while to edit the shots though, I first got inspired with the moon tiara action scene, this had accidentally opened on my streaming time, which became like a sneak peek for my viewers. It felt that I was not the one editing the photo because when I was doing the editing, all were done very swiftly and the materials for the composition, composition itself emerged without my brainstorming. I freaked out after it was done because I usually have a hard time composing a picture, I am assuming she (Sailormoon) is guiding me.

Little by little the colors had started to become one with my poses and that blown me to get captured with finishing the final composite. I never had this goosebump in creating a photo masterpiece before and it was worthwhile.

I will continue on with a few projects I have lined it, I might post them again without prior notice so, don't forget to sign in my newsletter below so you can get updates.

Till next time again ;)

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