It's been a while since I made my last Original Character, I think the last one was Meaw 2.0 and she is filled of sweetness all over, this time I created a draft artwork for a new original character named ICE LOLLY. 

Pardon me for the undone artwork, I will still have to polish it, I did it in the span of 45 minutes that I have for free time, I will still have more modifications.

When the artwork was done I got into sewing immediately and I found scraps of cloth on my sewing studio, I couldn't stop making it. 

ICE LOLLY's top is made of super white Japanese Yukata, as I said there will be more modifications, so I am looking forward for future formats. The skirt is inspired by brushed painted flowers and it is pleated much like how a japanese skirt looks like. 

The reason why I made ICE LOLLY is because I wanted to eventually make her as my everyday streaming look. The whole outfit has a touch of elegance yet comfortable for hot season because it is always summer in the Philippines even during typhoon season.

I plan to use this as my daily "cosplay streamer uniform". Much like my streamer uniform for hatsune miku pink hoodie, this time it would be more breezy. Hopefully, i get a more cotton fabric soon if time allows that I could visit fabric store *cross fingers cause its even tough to go to market since time is constrained. 

More adjustments and modifications will probably be done on the sleeves and skirt area as I needed to finish the edges, I do that mostly on free time so please excuse that I was not able to show you a finished look.

Hope you like my newest cosplay and watch my live stream at my LIVE tab here at my website.

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