I am thankful. I can feel his presence with me. It's his birth month and I've been filled with lots of questions in my mind. I've been blessed all through out and these bountiful gifts just appears out of nowhere. Still, I am truly grateful. I miss him a lot and I know he does too. He never fails to let me know and feel the same happiness we share together. The truth is, we always have conversation, but I never remember the content of the conversation, all I could remember was the light and happy feeling of that moment, I would understand if that conversation was not supposed to be remembered, as for me, it was okay, all I ever wanted was to see and be with him again. I am already blessed enough to see and converse with him more than ever, there's nothing else I could look forward to.

He is always there to protect and guide me as always. Sometimes, he would warn me. It would even be accurate warnings, too detailed that it let's me be ready of what  ever situation I will face, thus it helps prepare my mind and body so that I won't get shocked and go sick again. Often times, he discusses the troubles, I show him what I can do and the limitations or blocks would be given a solution. I can feel that he carries with him everyone. Everyone I would love to see again, I can feel them with him always. Sometimes, when I picture out telling this to someone, they might ask "Aren't you scared? freaked out?" I could imagine myself telling them, "I would even stay there just to be with them again, I miss them a lot, there isn't an inch of fear in me."

I'd tell meaw out of nowhere, "You're really strong", he'd ask "why do you mean?". Then I'd reply, "You're really strong because you're not scared to lose them, I know you miss them a lot but I never see you with any emotion like mine", and then he replies, "Why be sad when in such a short time, we'd be with them soon". It wasn't the first time I heard it, he would say it every time I am missing them or asks him. Yes, it will only be a short time, but I wanted to show them what I am doing and the things I accomplish, moreover, give them the recognition for being so supportive despite my shortcomings. Yet, I already know the answer if I would ask meaw, he'd probably say " no need to, they have the front seat"

It is only now that all the pieces of the puzzle started to come together. He was communicating with me all along. I felt his presence, although I did not know what it was since I had my third sense closed long time ago, he has surely given me an interesting workbook puzzle, something that we always bonded together, figuring out each appropriate method/s and one by one putting pieces together and enjoying the victory of finding the answers. It was so like him. It was so much fun and I'm looking forward to the future. The best part of this is that he knows what will happen, he knows how I'm feeling and what I wanted to tell him, almost as if when I talk to him, we could only talk about how fun and exciting life is. I'm sure he'd love that.

It's your special day, thank you for always guiding us. We miss you, a lot. 
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