I must be blessed. Last time we were out and just walking inside a semi house hardware store near the area, I came across a rare find. It was sitting on a shelf top but no ones takes the interest to pick it up and by the moment I wore it, I understood why. It was just like in cinderella's scene but I didn't have a prince to put the shoe, I did so myself and the size blew me off, it was the perfect fit. I thought it was just waiting for me, when we saw the price was only for P299, it was a good bargain. Finally a kawaii lolita shoe, surprising that it also pairs with my favorite hand sewn bag.

I dream of finally waking up my lolita side, many a times did mom shown me my child lolita dresses yet I have forgotten. The dreams that was created and how magical that world is.

I definitely miss the frostee shop which closed at hypermarket, it was the treat of the moment after a long grocery I hate it.

My favorite sweet Filipino treat, Espasol, a sweet powdery rice cake wrapped in white paper, very natural and organic that melts of goodness and sensation.

  • Mom gave it to me and I immediately had flashbacks of my childhood sweet escapades. Maybe next time I'll do a full lolita photoshoot with my newest member of the shoe family. Till next time then.
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