Keychains from Trinoma

No one can resist cuteness. I took pictures that represents cuteness

 Okay me and me
Me and my Dog chestnut

Having fun with cute editing

These creepy things are not what you think they are. Well they actually are decorations for the aquariums, I love the pop of color that they give.

When it comes to cuteness, who wouldn't forget Hello Kitty?
This one is a cute keychain I had for years! I still kept it until now ;)

This cover is for my Tablet. DIY from me, took me long time to build it but it was worth it ;)                                                                   

Another Keychain Teddy bear type

Doodles.. Doodles... Actually inspired from my new idol Mizutamahanco

For Hot Pink Lovers, This flower is for you! They surely are stand out. I took Picture of them in our Flower Bank.

 Cakiiii!!! from my moms birthday

Doodle of me, My friend and my boyfriend. We are actually going for a walk to Savemore to unwind.

 Mr. Sumo and Mr, Megame is ready  to be eaten yummm yumm

Okay that's enough guys I said its cut already 'CUT!'

No once stops me from doodling!

Stamping is one of my hobby lately, well I find them cute like how mizutamahanco creates them.

Susci here is posing for the camera.

She would be doodling too ><
Okay thats it for today... Follow for more cute updates Arigatou

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