An invitation to 8th Philippine Cosplay Convention was sent to me to attend this event, two days before the event, schedule was not consistent but when it opened up,  I planned to go in order watch and be a cute cat coser. 

My ride was not very friendly because LRT train aircon was shut down and I was chosen an outfit, turtle necked and long sleeves, it was really HOT~ Good thing it took only 30 minutes ride inside the train. 


We had to walk a few steps there and Finally saw the Robinsons Mall Manila, it is my first time there and I do not know where to go, I followed people to entrance and effortlessly found the event area , it's spacious, A stage in the middle and seats up front. There is also costume of Ahri New Dawn and Weiss exhibit at the side. I arrived at exactly 12:00 pm, So I went first to Jollibee and had a jolly time.

The event started 2:00 pm, the host of the show is Ms. Fatima Jongco. It started with the Bring Me games, red lipstick, 500 peso bill, most handsome,
Most Handsome

All won the Most Handsome

Interviewed all the competitors

 When that was called they pushed me to go up the stage, they said that we perform something to get everyones vote, so each one of us did, I said MEAW and gestured, I was very Shy, goodness I laughed at my self. The one with the most cheer gets to be the winner, but all of us had the same equal cheer and they had to confirm twice. Ms. Fatima asked me why I dont want to join the cos competition, but words didnt come out, I wanted to say I was literally in Shock with going up stage and planned to watch the event only. They all gave us a bag with the Hobbiworx Logo
I sat down and relaxing myself from the shock when my meaw told me that I should join the competition. I felt like I had no blood in me anymore,haha. He convinced me that if I don't fight for my dreams then when will I start? and guess what he told me to do as a talent show? Sing. Wow. I was unconvinced for an hour but I realized that he is correct and closed eyes ask for help with registration,  they extended the registration time to 4:00 pm,I was given the number 47, Mr. Lionel was very kind to me, he assisted in my registration. A total of 72 Cosplayers joined the Competition.

 1 hour passed and my throat kept drying, I was very cold,and keeps on voiding. I figured out I'm in NERVOUS state. The Comfort room was very far and that everytime I go there I felt like I burned so much calories already. I started to have hoarse voice, I tried to calm self, plus the heat from the whole area affected me too. When my number was called I was surprised the cosplayer GUMI before me was not able to go up stage so, I'm suddenly called up. I needed a Mic. A song started and I shouted 'KONBAWA' 'MEAW DESU' then started to sing. painfully my voice was expectedly hoarse, but I can't stop now, so I still continued to sing, only this time I cannot hear my voice. I was very nervous that in the end I hasten the song. P.S I did Acapella because I do not have a song since I'm not ready. I even forgot to bown down the right way. After the singing,I immediately gave the Mic back and exited the other way.
I felt really troubled since I could not hear my voice and anxiety was very high.But then I was happy and laughed at myself a lot it was fun truly comedy for me, I felt better and I went to take pictures of cosplayers. A few hours after.
I was able to watch other cosplayers and I was very entertained with all of their talents. 

When I started to have photo shots with the other cosplayers, people and photographers also started taking pictures of me, I met Sir Alex Winchester, my Tagged friend and No Face which gave me a super delicious Hershey chocolate. Princess Sarah and some people interviewed me and I was very jolly to answer their questions.

Thank you No Face for the super delicious HERSHEY chocolate

Group pose

Hope you had fun here in the Philippines Sir! Cosplay is much jolly here!

being very naughty here

anime cat eye smile

Mr. Lionel Thank you!!!

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Striking a pose here

Lolita Kawaii

Later that evening they announced the winners but at that time I was very busy for the photoshoots. I'd Like to congratulate everyone, this was so much fun and a very successful event.

A day incomparable
I am super happy, there had been quite a lot of wonderful unexpected happenings, especially coming up stage and finally conquering my fears. so stay tuned for more of my adventures and vote in ccy! Thank you!

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