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Hello everyone! I am very excited to blog about the COSPLAY COSTUME OF THE YEAR best Female topic, been waiting for this since the Holy Week.

Last month, I was contacted by CCY, an invitation to join the CCY 2014 Best Female Photo Nomination, at that time I was getting ready for the KUNWA: Cosplay Competition (

RUN, Ahri, Run
When the event was done, I rested for a few days, I was fatigued and got sick, then and started my New Cinematic Ahri upgrade, 

I gave my best in really recreating the Cinematic Ahri, including the straight hair, the belt details, and new details at the side. 
Photo reference:

The photoshoot took the whole day from morning 9:00 am to 9:00pm.

We really wanted to get the most memorable shots for her, the most difficult part is my positioning, if I fall, the falls is very high, and there is a pond underneath all my costume will be soiled with mud. 

There was only a tiny rock that supports me, but if I stay on one side, my positioning will become redundant and I dont want it that way.

Suddenly a coconut fell from the tree  I was nearly hit by it, but when it fell we produced this shot

When nightfall starts, I had my Fox fire lit up and this is a real prop.

we waited until it looked like dawn to produce the shot but we had to to move fast because time is running out.
After the shoot, I suffered buttock cuts from sitting for a long time, and could not walk because of muscle leg pain. It was one adventure in our garden, but we were very pleased with the results. This cosplay of mine had been through rough times but that makes it even more worthwhile, the journey, the experience all of the happy or good times felt made me love cosplaying Cinematic Ahri much much stronger, and became my fuel to fight for my dreams more eagerly.

I remembered the Cinematic Video where she faced near death experienced, there were so many scenes where it looked hopeless and she will be killed but she remained very strong and did not give up.

So, I will not give up, like her I will continue to fight and will not stop until I reached it.

I need your help
I submitted the Photo at CCY and the nomination including my photo was included, I need to garner google+ likes to win the Best Female

When I gave this news to my friends, I was touched to those that immediately lent a helping hand despite the hectic time they have. i had 13+ google likes and 600 views because of it. 


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