Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Fleek Instawhite Bar Soap by The Skin Bureau

The sun shines brightly and so as my skin when I started this adding this special soap to my skin care regimen and I am very proud to tell you that I am a happy user of Fleek Instawhite Bar Soap which I am using for more than a month and my skin has been happier ever since!

I use it literally every time I was my face from morning and evening, it only has a faint good aroma and even helps me take off my makeup thoroughly for a clean fresh face in the evening. It a little drying on the side but I am glad to have the creams from The Skin bureau partnered up with the soap bringing back moisture.


Using the soap is very simple, Wet the face with water and lather the soap in your hand making bubbles and slowly in a circular motion massage in your forehead, cheeks and nose area where most dirt residue are building up working your way to the sides where you haven't placed soap yet and rinse with water.

Repeat as needed. 


After a month and half use

Minimal Makeup needed for everyday which means skin doesn't absorb too many chemicals.
Pimple scars gone and brighter skin. 

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