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Berkeley residences keep a little secret to its passerby and people seldom notice the beauty of what is in front of them. It's this <pink sakura-like tiny tree located just at the entrance.

I wouldn't wonder why people don't notice it that much. It seldom blooms this flower and only lasts for a few weeks. 

The soft pink colors and the metallic color of the building give off the feeling nature modernity in the city. For a Moe like me, whenever I see a tree resembling much of a Sakura tree in Japan, I always feel a skip of a heartbeat. It's because of most anime feature this tree in a fun, dramatic and reminiscing beautiful appreciation of nature and it's so much like the feeling of Christmas for Moe. 

The tree withers and loses its flowers but this pictures just captured that very second that it bloomed so gracefully. I cannot wait for the next time I see it bloom again, it gives me a feeling of happiness. It may sound shallow to you but sometimes we are so engrossed in the daily life that we fail to appreciate what's around us. 

I was on my way to work when I saw this and I never failed to appreciate the small token of appreciation it is giving to nature.

I want to see more of this trees around and I want to see it in full bloom, it would be dreamy to see them on a pathway. I also dream of the same as other Moes, a walk to a beautiful pathway of flowers and sakura trees, a beautiful clean rivers and a serene picture of surroundings.

I believe that this is achievable if all are cooperative and strive to do a common goal, after all we are humans and aren't we the top in intelligence on the pyramid of animal wits.

This tree is different with a Sakura tree as this has a hint of yellow on its middle flower and unlike a Cherry blossom, it's smaller and blooms few flowers.

So, that's the last season I saw this beautiful tree bloomed, I'm going to wait for another year again to see it. Hopefully, I see it bloom more flowers than ever. 

Thank you for the astonishing view Mr. Tree, till next time again.

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