As I scrolled through my feed, almost everyone in my circle are thinking of a quick summer getaway. They have uploaded their pictures of their adventures which of course involves the sand, beach and somewhere cold. I, on the other-hand have stayed at my room and staying cool as I can. I visit the condo once in a while to swim but most of my time I am at home. People thought that they'd be so many who use the swimming pool but actually it's the opposite.

Berkeley residences in Katipunan remains to have seldom swimming pool goers so I enjoy the pool all by my self all the time. I get to refresh and revive myself unlike going to public pools. What I just hated the most though is that the new management requires to pay a P150.00 per person swimming pool fee for other tenants than us which makes them a total klutz, how about our monthly tenants then? well, I am on total snob with them for now because I hate their corrupt management.

 Now, don't wonder why I'm always looking pale white because I mostly skip summer, more likely celebrate it before and after summer season. Yes, if you remember I did mermaid-ing already, I consider that my summer getaway and since I did not want to be toasted to the sun, I scheduled it to start immediately before summer season even started.

For a digital nomad like me, summer may not exist because you can work anywhere, anytime! well, I love my life online but I hate the heat of the sun. It's hard to focus on a monitor when you have heat cramps all the time.

There was never a day where I never felt a small headache or migraine due to this heat. I did all my means to keep cool even to make a homemade Kakigori or placing ice on top of my head. My God, Global super warming! Even more, that my energy is low during these season.

I noticed it's not only me who experiences these but I've found out most people have been affected by this hot season. Even my bestfriend feels vertigo due to this heat, I would understand since I visited provinces near her and damn it feels like I am in desert and I won't be able to last so soon with that.

1. Sweet cool beverage/ ice cream

Ice cream is on demand at our household, the whole gallon. It only takes us less than 3 days to consume those sometimes in just a few minutes even, imagine how this temperature affect us, ice cream actually helps a lot especially with low sugar levels since I seldom have appetite due to heat then I work, I become hypoglycemic all the time, so this keeps me going until such time the temperature gets lower and I get to cook a meal.

2. Sour type soup

Choosing a meal is as tough. Nothing seems to satisfy me, I would choose not to consume any food because the heat had terminated my appetite but I had a few sour soup which helped regain hunger.

3. Love your chores

There is but one thing that also kept me very cool and I never thought I would like to do this because the next is actually house hold chores. Yes, You've read it right. House hold chores involving water, washing the dishes and doing early morning laundry. They actually kept me cool as long as I re-hydrate all the time and not push my self too much they do help lower the temps.

4. DIY cooling pads

During my working hours, to avoid overheating I would place in some cooling pads on my head. I just do these and insert the iced sheets on wear it with a band. I have these small ice packs that are slim and perfect fit for these cats and it work wonders. I could switch this to a cooling eye patch when I want to! :)

 Just make sure to add in a lot of extra plastic so that water won't drip.

5. Frequent Bath
Taking frequent bath may seem to be a chore but it definitely helps a lot to cool down. I schedule baths in the morning and afternoon to keep cool before heat turns on and after the sun has gone down so I could sleep nicely. My bathrobe became my most frequent attire to wear who cares? its summer and it's like you're always wearing towels on the beach, right?

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