I am wearing the famous Margaret PH shoes all handmade and locally made in the Philippines. Incredibly comfy sandals that are stylish and extremely pairable for many closet outfits. I wasn't able to mention that I won this through our Christmas Party Raffle and I was thrilled to choose the Naked color, it seems that was not available so I accepted the Deep Mocha color. Later did I realized that this color is pairable with almost every outfit I have in the closet, but for fashion highlight, I am wearing an overall wool deep mocha jumper for complimentary colors.

Another prize I won was the World Class Filipino T-shirt sent by Mr. Mike Grogan. If you're following me on my blog post, I have posted about his book 7 reasons why Filipinos change the world book. It is a short handbook that I know you'll love to read, it has me chuckled with all Mike's factual composition mingling with a little humor. Before you know it, you have finished the book within an hour or so.

I have walked with Margaret and these shoes take me farther than where I expected to be. Whether I chose a casual walk to the market, in malls or I take her to the most prestigious events where I meet the stars, these are a flexible fashion statement that I can ramp and show to the world. It compliments the shape of my legs, enhances them but without the sacrifice of comfort and did I mention, it's really sturdy enough to even be on a long walk with VIPs?

Margaret offers available sizes and colors that are perfect for any occasion, you may check them out or inquire if you need a good pairing advice. Throughout the years, my realizations on long-term investments have saved me tons and tons of money and effort, so I am contented to have a received these. Like what Forrest Gump said: "You can always tell about a person by their shoes, where they are going and where they have been". Mine has seen a star and making a star. How about yours?

If you love to support local and on the lookout for a great fashion footwear, don't hesitate to pm them for your orders and inquiries. It's the Filipinos time to shine and they will always remain to be. From my viewpoint, the Filipino genome is far more superior than any other and we should be proud of that, I've witnessed and I know so.

You would never imagine how delighted I am to receive such blessings and to promote our local products is an honor, so I made an effort to do a shoot that is focused on them. 
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