Today is a very special day. I've been blessed since day 1 of the month but the greatest gift is being felt given to me.

I would never have realized it sooner, but when the situation came, I've found that I am in fact the most blessed with a great gift this birthday special..

Many times, each year I would be looking forward to having physical gifts. Like a normal girl, I loved dresses and cool stuff that is given every birthday. They are precious and I love them.

On stepping forward with another age, I've come to realize that pure happiness bearing the ultimate gift of all can be found only with a very simple thing as my family's safety.

Yes, because I am extremely thankful that our home didn't get too much damage from the typhoon that's above us during my celebration of birth. There were countless disasters everywhere, including near my mom's workplace, but with God's grace, she wasn't there when it happened.

I've come to realize that I only wanted one thing only for my birthday, and that is to keep safe with my family and nothing more. Maybe it's just how the way a person matures and realizes overtime, that no material thing can ever top of a everlasting happiness that you're safe and sound with the persons you love the most.

Life is getting tougher for everyone nowadays and social media has kept heating up issues almost everywhere, so many heartaches and disasters everywhere that I can no longer stand and the only thing that keeps a person strong and intact with all these challenges in life, is non other than a genuine person who believes in them, encourages and leads them to grow. No other wealth or expensive gift can top that, so if you're a blessed one, cherish every moment you have with them. Nothing in this world is constant make sure you spend it with them.

Life is really short, for me its so limited time and I despise the human frailty as weakness, I admit that I am searching for more time to fulfill many things that me and my family dreamt of building together, I feel down sometimes when I know that these dreams we share can take up even a second lifetime to fulfill, but I believe that I must continue this dreams that we created together.

Mom wanted me to become a medical advocate and I would love to serve for my country the same too, but due to some instances along the way, the road has been blocked, with that in mind, I did not stop and conquered the dreams in small ways I could possibly can. I've shared my knowledge to help people with their cases and surprisingly prevented any future worsening condition from happening.

Dad and I had a talk before he passed away, we both agreed on same dreams of becoming a legal advocate, I have passion with it and he liked the idea of having a daughter who's able to defend and fight for what's right. The dream did not pursue though, but every moment I am faced with a situation that needs the same, I've utilized every resource I have to fight and defend what is supposed to be done.

Now, it doesn't end there, I've been working on a project which became a real long term of more than 4 years already and I am ready to finish it, these dreams are shared and so many have sacrificed just to fulfill this, the road is not only rocky but having typhoons too, it feels like I am never going to survive, but I believe I can, as long as I don't stop and continue.

My birthday is memorable. I'm continuously being blessed and my dreams are all coming true. Being guided by everyone and growing together, I felt even closer. Sometimes though, I get mood swings and thoughts cloud my mind as if I am not being given attention, but I say this to myself, you're not the only person going through tough times in this world, everybody might be busy battling but they will be there for you when the time comes. Just hang on tight, for now, be patient and God will soon send his angels to look after you.

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