2017 has become a year mostly focused on the health and beauty aspects. The reason is simple, health is wealth. Take care of your body and you get to accomplish so many things in return. In this special space, I have here, reminiscing my whole year and summarizing up the best accomplishments of the Year is a great way to share how I spent my whole year round. So, together with me once again, let's have a roundup and reflect of the best moments we had this 2017.


I never would focus on it until the first month of 2017 my health failed drastically. I was not able to post a single blog on that month mainly because I spent my whole month in the hospital, till then I became more careful of what I had to eat and exercise for a good circulation whenever I can.


For 2017, February was the start of a journey to food industry, Massive Munchies had summoned a bunch of bloggers to cover up on their opening event at Quiapo.

It was near to our location and we met incredible persons to inspire us to pursue in the food business .

I was inspired to make creative wallpapers and sell them my shop for P50.00 with an anime inspired art.


March was my beauty month when Svelti called up bloggers to attend their Emerge technology launch and won skin care and freebies which I am currently using today.


April is my book month, when I reviewed an truthful inspiring book about Filipinos. It's a great eye opening read of hidden Filipino abilities and their capability of changing the world to better future.


July was a combination of travel and skin health care when Nu Skin had invited us to their office to blog about their products and get a free facial. I was surprised when my partner knew about the place because he said that once back in highschool, he was invited there by our highschool teacher to join.

If you'd want an authentic Korean skin care coming right from their motherland, I shared a wishtrend link to get you a good discount on their site.

I discovered Gyo, an anime that gave me another surprise if their creative plot about fish with limbs and the concept of stench of death in zombified sea creatures.

Castlevania was released by Netlix and I couldn't get enough of reminiscing.

My travel plans to Paris had not been enough, it radiated to my imagination of Philippine resemblances of anime locations in the Philippines


August was my technology and hair care month, I shared a ultra tough phone tried and tested for many years to help you with emergencies. I also shared a bit of my virgin hair secrets as what the experts say my hair's state is.


I jumped for joy when September came because it is my birth month and it had greatly surprised me when Airbnb and friends, Lori had sent bouquet if roses and ferrero rocher to my home which left gossips throughout neighbors. I had shared my gifts for a girl ideas to those out there struggling to find a perfect gift for their girl friends and my simple birthday gift wishes. I also included a free birthday planner to make planning easy peasy for you. A visit to a nearby home store got me and my little buddy a good shampoo deal. This month, I haven't blog posted yet but I also had my hair colored by Vivere the post will be coming soon since the project's not done yet.


October was a crabby surprise when we get cook a long clawed crab from Munoz Market, i was excited to then show you my workplace and phone set up and made a video of my Harry Potter makeup brushes.
At the same month, I had posted of my current skin care I'm loving from Svelti.


November was the start of my adventures outside, we visited Casa Eros Muebles at Rizal a Victorian inspired home by the humble Mr. Abergas and shoot a modern princess look. We were invited to see Doraemon an SMX, I shared my Original Character Cosplay of Meaw 2.0 and met the General Manager of Food Truck Manila, at the same time meeting in person, Ms. Leomy, bloggers Philippines founder.

On the side note, I blogged of how I wanted Shelter to become a full movie brought about in my demise of watching Koe No Katachi and visited Resorts World Manila to attend the first ever Philippine Speed Statistics app, Bass ph.


December exploded with many blessings of events I couldn't even count. I first shared a blog about the life of a moe girl and joined Hey Sugar at Trinoma for their opening. I was supposed to go at Nailholics but due to unexpected circumstances, I was only able to share their promo. At home I did my first steps on creating the holiday vibe and shared my sponsors from our Christmas Party through video as well.

A hint of fashion gave me an idea to post of a simple denim wear I had worn to meet VIP bosses on one busy day at Makati and joined in Yupangco at UnliCity. I was also invited at Black Maria Cinema for Discomation where I cosplayed Himouto Umaru~ I haven't blog posted about that.

A little odd job at Trinoma for Cospray brought in Spice and little nice to get my sales skills up refreshed as I became their brand Ambassadress for the day at Toys R Us.

I ended up joining Bloggers Philippines Christmas celebration and was blessed with raffle winning and major prize blessings I never would have thought of having.

The whole year was a blessing for me and my family. Although, a sad part I was not able to discuss in my blogs were the beloved departures of our relatives this holiday seasons. Yet, I am thankful is that I am with my Mom and partner who are fit and healthy, I have nothing more to wish for. Even though I had separated with my friends from work but I keep in touch with them from time to time on facebook, I am blest that they are a part of my 2017. Nothing can beat that.

This year, I had learned so much to love and take care of your body and health, love friends, keep them and welcome new friends. Lastly, grab as much opportunity to make your dreams come true because life is unexpected and the most important is that you're happy and contented.

Hope you also had a great year ahead!

Happy New Year and may the next year ahead be sweet to you and your family.
Cheers for a 2017 and 2018!

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